Nicole Burnett –  When my ideas and creativity mix, art is created.  I’m inspired by traveling and finding beauty in my surroundings. Then I create art using bright beautiful colors. My designs transport people to a happy place which allows them to see art through my eyes.

The positive focus, vibrancy, and movement of each piece portrays many of the feelings and experiences that inspire me. My collection is truly a portrait and reflection of my life.I am in awe with the design and composition that surrounds us each day right in our line of sight. My appreciation for travel, water and nature, animation, movies and the human form and the feelings they evoke, always inspire me to create art that leaps beyond the canvas.

I’ve been drawing as long as I remember. Having been an Animator and Graphic Designer for many years, I’ve now merged the years of knowledge to create and find my own expression. Through layering, brushstrokes and the application of color I am able to express a distinctive style to give my artwork a breath and life of its own. We live in such a fast paced and often stressful world that sometimes we miss the beauty going on around us. I am recapturing the scenes that bring so much joy and happiness and simply share my version of them with others. Having attended Savannah College of Art and Design with my Degree in Art, I am happily focusing my time on designing a collection of art for the World to enjoy that will inspire, provide feeling and passion like my art has done for me.



Extra details about Nicole…
As a child growing up in East Lansing, Michigan, she was found drawing, doodling or designing fashionable clothing or houses. Art came naturally and in high school she decided to pursue a career in Graphic design.

Nicole has always found herself to have varied artistic interests.  She’s continued to develop her skills as an artisan, having a love for multiple forms of art including Painting, Drawing, Illustration, Interior Design and Graphic Design; she continues the desire to see concepts become a beautified reality. Nicole plans to eventually open an art gallery that will feature unique designs from artists around the world.

Nicole moved to Georgia for college, then on to neighboring South Carolina, which is where her first ‘real’ job was. There,  she created animations for a fast growing software design firm. Eventually she moved back to Michigan and continued a graphic design career.

Having lead many teams (often simultaneously), she possesses a comprehensive range of experience from Art Direction, Design Management, Graphic Design, Branding / Marketing, Photography, Visual Design, and Web Development. She’s also had a decorative design company that specialized in personalized painting, wallpapering and murals.

For several years Nicole wore many hats at my job and ran several departments simultaneously. Including managed clients, created marketing collateral and furnished staff projects as well.  For her last job, she worked with the company  for over 15 years. Nicole is a hard-working visual artist with over 20 years of experience creating graphics and fine art.

Nicole and her family currently live in Florida and have been enjoying the weather and smiling gratefully every day! Nicole still has a passion for cooking with a healthy style. She travels as often as possible and teaches art loving amateurs at private paint parties. Nicole also shares her for love for art with the next generation by teaching children to paint and help them to cultivate their creative skills.  Painting now more than ever, her love for fine arts is blossoming and her work is beautifying corporations and the homes of art collectors across America.



Nicole Instructing Painting