Nicole Burnett is an American visual artist best known for blending vibrant paintings and for the depth in her designs by using texture, found objects and dimensional space. She utilizes acrylic, oil paint and mixed media.
Inspired by painters Max and Dali along with the beauty of her life and surroundings, she has discovered a unique approach to art. Nicole’s creations incorporate boldness, strength and emit positive energy as she depicts the human form, fictional characters, nature, architecture and her vast imagination. Her passion for water and the fluidity of life is a consistent theme seen throughout many of her collections literally or figuratively.

Nicole obtained a degree Computer Graphics and briefly attended Savannah College of Art and Design. She has over 20 years experience as a professional Graphic Designer and Visual Design Director. Having a passion for décor she even ran a custom decor and mural business. She’s managed teams, worked with ad agencies, fortune 500 companies and one of America’s top business coaches. Over the past decade she has reconnected with her love of the canvas. Presently, Nicole lives in Central Florida where she is a visual designer, painter and art instructor.